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Guo Q Qian Guo Food Cultures of China: Recipes, Customs, and Issues Bloomsbury Publishing book
May S, Oliphant AJ Andrew Oliphant Investigations of the park cool island effect of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco Theoretical and Applied Climatology research article
Pickerill J, Chitewere T, Cornea TN, Lockyer J, Macrorie R, Blažek JM, Nelson A Tendai Chitewere Urban Ecological Futures: Five Eco-Community Strategies for more Sustainable and Equitable Cities International Journal of Urban and Regional Research research article
Chitewere T Tendai Chitewere Towards Inclusive Eco-Communities: socially and environmentally just sustainable futures Eco-Communities: Surviving Well Together book chapter
Davis JD Jerry Davis Introduction to Environmental Data Science CRC Press book
Gomes, SE, Baguskas, SA Sarah Gomes, Sara Baguskas Coastal fog enhances physiological function of seaside daisies (Erigeron glaucus) Western North American Naturalist research article
Seher VL, Holzman BA, Hines E, Bradley RW, Warzybok P, Becker BH Barbara Holzman, Ellen Hines Ocean-influenced estuarine habitat buffers high interannual variation in seabird reproductive success Marine Ecology Progress Series research article
Anderson RJ, Hines E, Mazzini PLF, Elliott M, Largier JL, Jahncke J Ellen Hines Spatial patterns in aragonite saturation horizon over the northern California shelf Regional Studies in Marine Science research article
Kanner, M.C., **Cortes, L., Ibarra, Y. Yadira Ibarra Radiocarbon and stable isotope evidence of Early to mid-Holocene wet events from fluvial tufa deposits in Santa Cruz, CA. Journal of Quaternary Science research article
Bays AJ, Sanon S, Ibarra Y, Hayzelden C Yadira Ibarra Taphonomic controls on microbialite textures of the Steamboat Point Member of the Ordovician Bighorn Dolomite, western Teton Mountains, WY, USA. Palaios research article
Viswanath S, Samanta A Aritree Samanta Gender Ramifications of a Weberian Bureaucracy: A Feminist Appraisal of the United States Department of Agriculture Perspectives on Public Management and Governance research article
McGowen MR, Vu L, Potter CW, Tho TA, Jefferson TA, Kuit SH, Abdel-Raheem ST, Hines E Salma Abdel-Raheem, Ellen Hines Whale temples are unique repositories for understanding marine mammal diversity in Central Vietnam Raffles Bulletin of Zoology research article
Ham GS, Lahaye E, Rosso M, Moulins A, Hines E, Tepsich P Ellen Hines Predicting summer fin whale distribution in the Pelagos Sanctuary (north-western Mediterranean Sea) to identify dynamic whale–vessel collision risk areas Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems research article
Baguskas SA, Oliphant AJ, Clemesha RES, Loik ME Sara Baguskas, Andrew Oliphant Water and Light-Use Efficiency Are Enhanced Under Summer Coastal Fog in a California Agricultural System Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences research article
Ingman K, Hines E, Mazzini PLF, Cotton Rockwood R, Nur N, Jahncke J Ellen Hines Modeling changes in baleen whale seasonal abundance, timing of migration, and environmental variables to explain the sudden rise in entanglements in California PLOS ONE research article
Backe K, Hines E, Nielsen KJ, George D, Twohy E, Lowry M Ellen Hines Effects of sea-level rise and storm-enhanced flooding on Pacific harbour seal habitat: A comparison of haul-out changes at the Russian and Eel river estuaries Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems research article
Oliphant AJ, Baguskas SA, Fernandez DM Andrew Oliphant, Sara Baguskas Impacts of low cloud and fog on surface radiation fluxes for ecosystems in coastal California Theoretical and Applied Climatology research article
Samanta A, Hand L Aritree Samanta Examining the “In-Between” of Public Encounters: Evidence from Two Seemingly Disparate Policy Contexts Public Policy and Administration research article
U Büntgen, K Allen, KJ Anchukaitis, D Arseneault, É Boucher, A Bräuning, S Chatterjee, P Cherubini, OV Churakova, C Corona, F Gennaretti, J Grießinger, S Guillet, J Guiot, B Gunnarson, S Helama, P Hochreuther, MK Hughes, P Huybers, AV Kirdyanov, PJ Krusic Alexander (Zan) Stine The influence of decision-making in tree ring-based climate reconstructions Nature Communications review article
Thoyre A Autumn Thoyre Neoliberalizing negawatts: Governance of energy efficiency as accumulation strategy Geoforum research article
Trevino A, Stine AR, Huybers P Alexander (Zan) Stine Regional Nonlinear Relationships Across the United States Between Drought and Tree-Ring Width Variability From a Neural Network Geophysical Research Letters research article
Cope S, Hines E, Bland R, Davis JD, Tougher B, Zetterlind V Samantha Cope, Ellen Hines, Jerry Davis Multi-sensor integration for an assessment of underwater radiated noise from common vessels in San Francisco Bay The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America research article
Juang LP, Chitewere T Tendai Chitewere Teachers of migrant background and inclusive education In A. Wojciechowicz, D. Niesta Kayser, & M. Vock (Eds.), Lehrer/iInnenbildung im Kontext aktueller Fluchtmigration. Perspektiven, Impulse und Erkundigungen book chapter
Blackburn DA, Oliphant AJ, Davis JD Darren Blackburn, Andrew Oliphant, Jerry Davis Carbon and water exchanges in a mountain meadow ecosystem, Sierra Nevada, California Wetlands research article
Thoyre A Autumn Thoyre Negawatt resource frontiers: Extracting energy efficiency from private spaces Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space research article
Costanza AB, Guidino BC, Mangel JC, Alfaro-Shigueto J, Verutes G, Caillat M, Samanta A, Hines E Aritree Samanta, Ellen Hines Participatory Risk Assessment of Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) and Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) Bycatch in Northern Peru Frontiers in Marine Science research article
Admur T, AR Stine AR, Huybers p Alexander (Zan) Stine Global surface temperature response to 11-year solar cycle forcing consistent with general circulation model results Journal of Climate research article
Rudebusch J, Hughes BB, Boyer KE, Hines E Ellen Hines Assessing anthropogenic risk to sea otters (Enhydra lutris nereis) for reintroduction into San Francisco Bay PeerJ research article
Verutes GM, Johnson AF, Caillat M, Ponnampalam LS, Peter C, Vu L, Junchompoo C, Lewison RL, Hines EM Ellen Hines Using GIS and stakeholder involvement to innovate marine mammal bycatch risk assessment in data-limited fisheries PLOS ONE research article
Lynch P, Blesius L, Hines E Philip Lynch, Leonhard Blesius, Ellen Hines Classification of Urban Area Using Multispectral Indices for Urban Planning Remote Sensing research article
Vu L, McGowen MR, Potter CW, Tho TA, Kuit SH, Abdel-Raheem ST, Hines E Salma Abdel-Raheem, Ellen Hines New Records of Fraser’s Dolphin (Lagenodelphis hosei) from the Whale Temples and Fishing Communities of Vietnam Aquatic Mammals research article
Hines E, Ponnampalam LS, Junchompoo C, Peter C, Vu L, Huynh T, Caillat M, Johnson AF, Minton G, Lewison RL, Verutes GM Ellen Hines Getting to the bottom of bycatch: a GIS-based toolbox to assess the risk of marine mammal bycatch Endangered Species Research research article
Henderson, J Jason Mark Henderson EVs Are Not the Answer: A Mobility Justice Critique of Electric Vehicle Transitions Annals of the American Association of Geographers research article
Jackson-Ricketts J, Junchompoo C, Hines EM, Hazen EL, Ponnampalam LS, Ilangakoon A, Monanunsap S Ellen Hines Habitat modeling of Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) in the Eastern Gulf of Thailand Ecology and Evolution research article
Greig NC, Hines EM, Cope S and Liu X Nathaniel Greig, Ellen Hines, Samantha Cope, XiaoHang Liu Using Satellite AIS to Analyze Vessel Speeds Off the Coast of Washington State, U.S., as a Risk Analysis for Cetacean-Vessel Collisions Frontiers in Marine Science research article
Thoyre A Autumn Thoyre Home climate change mitigation practices as gendered labor Women's Studies International Forum research article
Clement, A.M., Tackett, L.S., Ritterbush, K.A., Ibarra, Y. Yadira Ibarra Formation and stratigraphic facies distribution of early Jurassic iron oolite deposits from west central Nevada, USA. Sedimentary Geology 395, 105537. research article
Cope S, Hines E, Bland R, Davis JD, Tougher B, Zetterlind V Samantha Cope, Ellen Hines, Jerry Davis Application of a new shore-based vessel traffic monitoring system within San Francisco Bay Frontiers in Marine Science research article
Golz RA, Flum DR, Sanchez SE, Liu XH, Donovan C, Drake FT Reece Golz, XiaoHang Liu, Courtney Donovan Geographic Association Between Incidence of Acute Appendicitis and Socioeconomic Status JAMA Surgery research article
Boelts, H.P., Ibarra, Y., Hayzelden, C. Yadira Ibarra Diatom-associated carbonate porosity in terrestrial coated grains from a freshwater carbonate spring in northern California, USA. Journal of Sedimentary Research research article
Statman-Weil Z, Nanus L, Wilkinson N Zoe Statman-Weil, Leora Nanus, Nancy Wilkinson Disparities in community water system compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act Applied Geography research article
Studwell A, Hines E, Nur N, Jahncke J Anna Studwell, Ellen Hines Using habitat risk assessment to assess disturbance from maritime activities to inform seabird conservation in a coastal marine ecosystem Ocean & Coastal Management research article
Petryshyn, V.A., Greene, S.E., Farnsworth, A., Lunt, D., Kelley, A., Gammariello, R. T., Ibarra, Y., Bottjer, D. J., Tripati, A. Corsetti, F.A. Yadira Ibarra The role of temperature in the initiation of the end-Triassic mass extinction. Earth Science Reviews 208, 103266 review article
Davis JD, Blesius L, Slocombe M, Maher S, Vasey MC, Christian P, Lynch PJ Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius, Michelle Slocombe, Suzanne Maher, Mike Vasey, Peter Christian, Philip Lynch Unpiloted Aerial System (UAS)-Supported Biogeomorphic Analysis of Restored Sierra Nevada Montane Meadows Remote Sensing research article
Hughes BB, Wasson K, Tinker MT, Williams SL, Carswell LP, Boyer KE, Beck MW, Eby R, Scoles R, Staedler M, Espinosa S, Hessing-Lewis M, Foster EU, M. Beheshti K, Grimes TM, Becker BH, Needles L, Tomoleoni JA, Rudebusch J, Hines E, Silliman BR Ellen Hines Species recovery and recolonization of past habitats: lessons for science and conservation from sea otters in estuaries PeerJ research article
Henderson J, Gulsrud N Jason Mark Henderson Street Fights in Copenhagen: Bicycle and Car Politics in a Green Mobility City Routledge book
Morrison RR, Bray E Erin Bray Environmental Flows Oxford Bibliographies in Environmental Science. New York: Oxford University Press book chapter
Ibarra, Y., *Sanon, S. Yadira Ibarra A freshwater analog for the production of Epiphyton-like microfossils. Geobiology 17, 510-522 research article
T Fritz-Endres, P Dekins, J Fehrenbacher, H Spero, and AR Stin Alexander (Zan) Stine Application of individual foraminifera Mg/Ca and d18O analyses for paleoceanographic reconstructions in active depositional environments Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology research article
Stine AR Alexander (Zan) Stine Global demonstration of local Liebig's law behavior for tree-ring reconstructions of climate Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology research article
Golan Y, Wilkinson N, Henderson J, Weverka A Yael Golan, Nancy Wilkinson, Jason Mark Henderson, Aiko Weverka Gendered walkability: Building a daytime walkability index for women The Journal of Transport and Land Use research article
Harrison LR, Bray EN, Overstreet B, Legleiter C, Brown R, Merz, J, Bond R, Nicol C, Dunne Erin Bray Large-scale restoration of salmon spawning habitat in a regulated, gravel bed river Water Resources Research research article
Jackson-Ricketts J, Ruiz-Cooley RI, Junchompoo C, Thongsukdee S, Intongkham A, Ninwat S, Kittiwattanawong K, Hines EM, Costa DP Ellen Hines Diet and Life History of Irrawaddy Dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea Marine Mammal Science research article
Caballero S, Dove V, Jackson-Ricketts J, Junchompoo C, Cohen S, Hines E Ellen Hines Mitochondrial DNA diversity and population structure in the Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris) from the Gulf of Thailand and the Mekong River: should we start thinking about genetic rescue? Marine Mammal Science research article
Chitewere T Tendai Chitewere Sustainable Community and Green Lifestyles Routledge book
Fernandez DM, Oliphant AJ, Bowman M, Torregrosa A, Weiss-Penzias PS, Zhang BJ, Sorensen D, Cohen RE, McKinley GH, Kleingartner JA Andrew Oliphant Fog Water Collection Effectiveness: Mesh Intercomparisons Aerosol and Air Quality Research research article
Morrison RR, Bray E, Nardi F, Annis A, Dong Q Erin Bray Spatial relationships of levees and wetland systems within floodplains of the Wabash Basin, USA Journal of the American Water Resources Association research article
Baguskas S, Clemesha R, Loik M Sara Baguskas Coastal low cloudiness and fog enhance crop water use efficiency in a California agricultural system Agricultural and Forest Meteorology research article
Nanus L, Campbell DH, Lehmann CMB, Mast MA Leora Nanus Spatial and temporal variation in sources of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Rocky Mountains using nitrogen isotopes Atmospheric Environment research article
Oliphant AJ, Stoy PC Andrew Oliphant An evaluation of semi-empirical models for partitioning photosynthetically active radiation into diffuse and direct beam components Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences research article
Davis JD, Qiu HL Jerry Davis Multispectral Unpiloted Aircraft System CSU Geospatial Review research article
Gallagher C, Stern J, Hines E Ellen Hines The metabolic cost of swimming and reproduction of harbor porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) as predicted by a bioenergetics model Marine Mammal Science research article
Henderson J Jason Mark Henderson Google Buses & Uber Cars: The Politics of Tech Mobility and the Future of Urban Livability Routledge book chapter
Davenport A, Davis JD, Woo I, Grossman E, Barham J, Ellings C, Takekawa J Anna Davenport, Jerry Davis Comparing digitized and automated classification approaches to detect change in eelgrass bed extent during restoration of a large river delta Northwest Science research article
Castellvi F, Oliphant AJ Andrew Oliphant Daytime sensible and latent heat flux estimates for a mountain meadow using in-situ slow-response measurements Agricultural and Forest Meteorology research article
Stine AR, Huybers P Alexander (Zan) Stine Implications of Liebig's law of the minimum for tree-ring reconstructions of climate Environmental Research Letters research article
Chitewere T, Shim JK, Barker JC, Yen IH Tendai Chitewere How neighborhoods influence health: Lessons to be learned from the application of political ecology Health & Place research article
Bray EN, Dunne T Erin Bray Subsurface flow in lowland river gravel bars Water Resources Research research article
Pilcher NJ, Adulyanukosol K, Das H, Davis P, Hines E, Kwan D, Marsh H, Ponnampalam L, Reynolds J Ellen Hines A low-cost solution for documenting distribution and abundance of endangered marine fauna and impacts from fisheries PLoS ONE research article
Henderson J Jason Mark Henderson What is a Bicycle City? Applied Mobilities book review
Moss P, Donovan C Courtney Donovan Writing Intimacy into Feminist Geography Routledge book
Manning JG, Ludlow F, Stine AR, Boos WR, Sigl M, Marlon JR Alexander (Zan) Stine Volcanic suppression of Nile summer flooding triggers revolt and constrains interstate conflict in ancient Egypt Nature Communications research article
Davis JD, Chojnacki JD Jerry Davis, Joseph Chojnacki Two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform analysis of karst and coral reef morphologies Transactions in GIS research article
Bray EN, Dunne T Erin Bray Observations of bedload transport in a gravel bed river during high flow using fiber-optic DTS methods Earth Surface Processes & Landforms research article
Nanus L, McMurray, Clow DW, Saros J, Blett T, Gurdak J Leora Nanus Spatial Variation of Atmospheric Deposition and Nitrogen Critical Loads for Aquatic Ecosystems in the Greater Yellowstone Area Environmental Pollution research article
Donovan C Courtney Donovan Accelerating Intimacy with Digital Health? Routledge book chapter
Oliphant AJ, Stein S, Bradford G Andrew Oliphant, Sam Stein, Garrett Bradford Micrometeorology of an ephemeral desert city, the Burning Man experiment Urban Climate research article
Studwell A, Hines E, Elliott M, Howar J, Holzman B, Nur N, Jahncke J Anna Studwell, Ellen Hines, Barbara Holzman Modeling Nonresident Seabird Foraging Distributions to Inform Ocean Zoning in Central California PLOS ONE research article
Johnson AF, Caillat M, Verutes GM, Peter C, Junchumpoo C, Long V, Ponnampalam LS, Lewison RL, Hines E Ellen Hines Poor fisheries struggle with U.S. import rule Science research article
Bray EN, Dozier J, Dunne T Erin Bray Mechanics of the energy balance in large lowland rivers, and why the bed matters Geophysical Research Letters research article
Ballanti L, Blesius L, Hines E, Kruse B Laurel Ballanti, Leonhard Blesius, Ellen Hines Tree Species Classification Using Hyperspectral Imagery: A Comparison of Two Classifiers. Remote Sensing research article
Rastogi B, Williams AP, Fischer DT, Iacobellis S, McEachern K, Carvalho L, Jones C, Baguskas SA, Still CJ Sara Baguskas Spatial and temporal patterns of cloud cover and fog inundation in coastal California: Ecological implications Earth Interactions research article
Thibodeau, A.M., Ritterbush, K.A., Yager, J.A., West, J., Ibarra, Y., Bottjer, D.J., Berelson, W., Bergquist, B., Corsetti, F.A., Yadira Ibarra Mercury anomalies, volcanism, and timing of biotic recovery following the end-Triassic mass extinction. Nature Communications 7, 11147. research article
Baguskas SA, Still CJ, Fischer DT, D’Antonio CM, King JY Sara Baguskas Coastal fog during summer drought improves the water status of sapling trees more than adult trees in a California pine forest Oecologia research article
Baguskas SA, King JY, Fischer DT, D’Antonio CM, Still CJ Sara Baguskas Impact of fog-drip versus fog immersion on the physiology of Bishop pine saplings Functional Plant Biology research article
Ibarra, Y., Corsetti, F.A., Greene, S.E., Bottjer, D.J. Yadira Ibarra A microbial carbonate response in synchrony with the End-Triassic Mass Extinction SW UK Scientific Reports 6, 19808. review article
McClure A, Liu X, Hines E, Ferner M Adam McClure, XiaoHang Liu, Ellen Hines Error reduction techniques on a LiDAR-derived salt marsh digital elevation model Journal of Coastal Research research article
Lewison RL, Rudd MA, Al-Hayek W, Baldwin C, Beger M, Lieskee SN, Jones C, Suvaluck, Satumanatpan S, Junchompoo C, Hines E Ellen Hines How the DPSIR framework can be used for structuring problems and facilitating empirical research in coastal systems Environmental Science & Policy research article
Gurdak JJ, Geyer GE, Nanus L, Taniguchi M, Corona CR Leora Nanus Scale dependence of controls on groundwater vulnerability in the water-energy-food nexus, California Coastal Basin aquifer system Journal of Hydrology -- Regional Studies research article
Baldwin C, Lewison R, Lieske S, Beger M, Jones C, Hines E, Junchompoo C, Satumanatpan S Ellen Hines Using the Driver Pressure State Impact Response (DPSIR) framework for transdisciplinary and cross-border training and knowledge elicitation: social-ecological dynamics in the eastern Gulf of Thailand Ocean and Coastal Management research article
Ibarra, Y. and Corsetti, F.A. Yadira Ibarra Lateral comparative investigation of stromatolites: Astrobiological implications and assessment of scales of control. Astrobiology 16:4, p. 271-281. research article
Foletta N, Henderson J Jason Mark Henderson Low Car(bon) Communities: Inspiring Car-Free and Car-Lite Urban Futures Routledge book
Thompson A, Davis J, Oliphant A Arnold Thompson, Jerry Davis, Andrew Oliphant Surface runoff and soil erosion under eucalyptus and oak canopy Earth Surface Processes and Landforms research article
Fischer DT, Still CJ, Ebert CM, Baguskas SA, Williams PA Sara Baguskas Fog drip maintains dry season ecological function in a California coastal pine forest Ecosphere research article
Henderson J Jason Mark Henderson Book Review of Transportation and Revolt: Pigeons, Mules, Canals, and the Vanishing Geographies of Subversive Mobility Antipode book review
Weiss-Penzias P, Coale K, Heim W, Fernandez D, Oliphant AJ, Dodge C, Hoskins D, Farlin J, Moranville R, Olson A Andrew Oliphant Total- and monomethyl-mercury and major ions in coastal California fog water: Results from two years of sampling on land and at sea Total- and monomethyl-mercury in coastal California fog on land and at sea Elem. Sci. Anth. research article
Smith TD, Bannister J, Hines E, Reeves R, Rojas-Bracho L, Shaughnessy P Ellen Hines Chapter 37: Marine Mammals. The Division of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea of the United Nations Secretariat book chapter
Christian P, Davis JD Peter Christian, Jerry Davis Hillslope gully photogeomorphology using structure-from-motion Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie research article
Davis JD, Blesius L Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius A hybrid physical and maximum-entropy landslide susceptibility model Entropy research article
Hines E, Strindberg S, Jumchumpoo C, Ponnampalam L, Ilangakoon A, Jackson-Ricketts J Ellen Hines Line transect estimates of Irrawaddy dolphin abundance along the eastern Gulf of Thailand Frontiers in Marine Science research article
Clow DW, Roop HA, Nanus L, Fenn ME, Sexstone GA Leora Nanus Spatial patterns of atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and sulfur using ion-exchange resin collectors in Rocky Mountain National Park Atmospheric Environment research article
Henderson J Jason Mark Henderson From Climate Fight to Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in the Bay Area Routledge book chapter
Jensen C, Hines E, Redfern J, Holzman B Caitlin Jensen, Ellen Hines, J Redfern, Barbara Holzman Spatial and temporal variability in shipping traffic entering and exiting San Francisco Bay Coastal Management research article
Oliphant AJ, Hindmarsh RCA, Cullen NJ, Lawson W Andrew Oliphant Microclimate and mass fluxes of debris laden ice surfaces in the Taylor Valley, Antarctica Antarctic Science research article
Liu XH, Hu H, Hu P XiaoHang Liu Accuracy assessment of LiDAR-derived DEMs based on approximation theory Remote Sensing research article
Wedding LM, Maxwell D, Hyrenbach DC, Dunn J, Roberts S, Briscoe D, Hines E, Halpin PN Ellen Hines Geospatial approaches to support pelagic conservation planning and adaptive management Endangered Species Research research article
Teh SLL, Teh CLL, Hines E, Junchumpoo C, Lewison R Ellen Hines Contextualizing the coupled socio-ecological conditions of marine megafauna bycatch Ocean and Coastal Management research article
Ibarra, Y., Corsetti, F.A., Feakins, S.J., Rhodes, E.R., Kirby, M. K. Yadira Ibarra Fluvial tufa evidence of Late Pleistocene wet intervals from Santa Barbara, California. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 422, p. 36-45. book chapter
Chitewere T Tendai Chitewere Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community Environmental Magazine book review
Stine AR, Tingley MP, Huybers P Alexander (Zan) Stine Illuminating the volcanic signal in tree rings PAGES research article
Henderson JM Jason Mark Henderson Freeway removed: The politics of automobility in San Francisco Routledge book chapter
Blecha J Jennifer Blecha Regulating backyard slaughter: Strategies and gaps in municipal livestock ordinances Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development research article
Hu H, Liue XH, Hu P XiaoHang Liu Voronoi diagram generation on the ellipsoidal earth Computers and Geosciences research article
HH Edwards, SBP Stone, Ellen Hines, NA Gomez, BE Winning Documenting manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus) presence at Turneffe Atoll in Belize and its conservation significance, Central America Caribbean Journal of Science research article
Ibarra, Y., Corsetti F.A., Greene, S.E., Bottjer Yadira Ibarra Microfacies of the Cotham Marble: A tubestone carbonate microbialite from the Upper Triassic, Southwestern United Kingdom. Palaios 29 p. 1-15. review article
Baguskas SA, Peterson SH, Bookhagen B, Still CJ Sara Baguskas Evaluating spatial patterns of drought-induced tree mortality in a coastal California pine forest Forest Ecology & Management research article
Slocombe M, Davis JD Michelle Slocombe, Jerry Davis Morphology of small, discontinuous montane meadow streams in the Sierra Nevada Geomorphology research article
Stine AR Alexander (Zan) Stine A flatter Earth Nature Climate Change research article
N. Kain, D. Yee-Melichar, Courtney Donovan Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities Springer book
Blecha J, Davis AW Jennifer Blecha Backyard livestock slaughter and food production: identifying conflicting perspectives among urban San Francisco Bay Area residents Geoforum research article
Courtney Donovan Graphic pathogeographies Journal of Medical Humanities research article
Christian* P, Davis JD Peter Christian, Jerry Davis Using a low-cost unmanned aircraft system and structure-from-motion for hillslope gully modeling CSU Geospatial Review research article
Ibarra, Y., Corsetti, F.A., Cheetham M., Feakins S.J. Yadira Ibarra Were fossil spring-associated carbonates near Zaca Lake, Santa Barbara, California deposited under an ambient or thermal regime? Sedimentary Geology 301, p. 15-25. research article
DK Briscoe, Seth Hiatt, R Lewison, Ellen Hines Modeling habitat and bycatch risk for dugongs in Sabah, Malaysia Endangered Species Research research article
MP Tingley, AR Stine and P Huybers Alexander (Zan) Stine Temperature reconstructions from tree-ring densities overestimate volcanic cooling Geophysical Research Letters research article
Brian Harvey, Barbara Holzman, AB Forrestel Forest resilience following severe wildfire in a semi-urban National Park Fremontia research article
Sherba J, Blesius L, Davis JD Jason Sherba, Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis Object-based classification of abandoned logging roads under heavy canopy using LiDAR Remote Sensing research article
C Clements, Andrew Oliphant The California State University- Mobile Atmospheric Profiling System (CSU-MAPS): A facility for research and education in boundary-layer meteorology Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society research article
Henderson J Jason Mark Henderson Book Review of Local Protest, Global Movements: Capital, Community, and State in San Francisco Urban Affairs Review book review
XiaoHang Liu, Peng Hu, Hai Hu The “M” in digital elevation models Cartography and Geographical Information Science research article
Courtney Donovan Representations of Health, Embodiment, and Experience in Graphic Memoir Configurations research article
ME Newcomer, Jason Gurdak, Leonard Sklar, Leora Nanus Urban recharge beneath low impact development and effects of climate variability and change Water Resources Research research article
Brian Harvey, Barbara Holzman Divergent successional pathways of stand development following fire in a California closed-cone pine forest Journal of Vegetation Science research article
Andrea Dransfield, Ellen Hines, Barbara Holzman, M Elliot, J Howar, Jaime Jahncke Where the Whales are: Using habitat modeling to support changes in shipping regulations within National Marine Sanctuaries in Central California. Endangered Species Research research article
Stine AR, Huybers P Alexander (Zan) Stine Arctic tree rings as recorders of variations in light availability Nature Communications research article
J Pisek, Andrew Oliphant A note on the height variation of foliage clumping: comparison with remote sensing retrievals Remote Sensing Letters research article
KA McKinnon**, AR Stine, and P Huybers Alexander (Zan) Stine The spatial structure of the seasonal cycle in surface temperature: amplitude, phase, and Lagrangian history Journal of Climate research article
Jennifer Blecha, Helga Leitner Reimagining the food system, the economy and urban life: New urban chicken‐keepers in U.S. cities Urban Geography research article
Jennifer McGowan, Ellen Hines, Andrea Dransfield, and others Using seabird habitat modeling to inform marine spatial planning in Central California’s National Marine Sanctuaries PLoS ONE research article
Tanya Augsburg, Tendai Chitewere Starting with World Views: A Five-Step Preparatory Approach to Integrative Interdisciplinary Learning Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies research article
Ludlow F, Stine AR, Leahy P, Murphy E, Mayewski PA, Taylor D, Killen J, Baillie MGL, Hennessy M, Kiely G Alexander (Zan) Stine Medieval Irish chronicles reveal persistent volcanic forcing of severe winter cold events Environmental Research Letters research article
L Ponnampalam, Ellen Hines, and others Behavioral observations on Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) in Trat Province, Eastern Gulf of Thailand Aquatic Mammals research article
Jerry Davis, Stephanie Sims Physical and maximum entropy models applied to inventories of hillslope sediment sources Journal of Soils and Sediments research article
Jason Mark Henderson Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in San Francisco University of Massachusetts Press book
AL Steiner, D Mermelstein, SJ Cheng, TE Twine, Andrew Oliphant Observed impact of atmospheric aerosols on the surface energy budget. Earth Interactions research article
J Pisek, Y Ryu, M Sprintsin, L He, Andrew Oliphant, and others Retrieving vegetation clumping index from Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) data at 275 m resolution Remote Sensing of Environment research article
Leora Nanus, and others Mapping critical loads of nitrogen deposition for aquatic ecosystems in the Rocky Mountains, USA Environmental Pollution research article
Kota Funayama, Ellen Hines, Jerry Davis, Sarah Allen Effects of sea-level rise on northern elephant seals at Point Reyes peninsula, California Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems research article
AR Stine, P Huybers, IY Fung Alexander (Zan) Stine Changes in the phase of the annual cycle of surface temperature Nature research article
Ellen Hines, and others Sirenian Conservation: Issues and Strategies in Developing Countries The University Press of Florida book
KS LaCommare, C Self-Sullivan, Ellen Hines, S Brault A boat-based method for monitoring sirenians: Antillean manatee case study. Biological Conservation research article
CA Keller, L Garrison, R Baumstark, LI Ward-Geiger, Ellen Hines Defining calving habitat for the North Atlantic right whale in the southeastern United States: An application of a habitat model. Endangered Species Research research article
Ellen Hines Dugong conservation Jones & Bartlett book chapter
DW Clow, Leora Nanus, and others Evaluation of SNODAS snow depth and snow water equivalent estimates for the Colorado Rocky Mountains Hydrological Processes research article
XiaoHang Liu, Jason Sherba, and others Approximation theory applied to DEM vertical accuracy assessment Transactions in GIS research article
Andrew Oliphant Terrestrial ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of CO2, water and energy from FLUXNET; Review and meta-analysis of a global in-situ observatory Geography Compass research article
AR Stine, P Huybers Alexander (Zan) Stine Changes in the seasonal cycle of temperature and atmospheric circulation Journal of Climate research article
Tendai Chitewere Between a rock and a green place: Exploring the relationship between green consumerism and social justice Lulu book chapter
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