Research Funds & Support

Graduate and undergraduate student research grant opportunities:

The School of the Environment has a number of small research funds that regularly support student research. In addition, from time to time, faculty will receive external research grant funds to support students in research experiences. We will announce opportunities to submit proposals for research support funding from time to time. But, please check in with our faculty at any time if you have specific upcoming research support needs or to express interest in research experiences.

  1. Pestrong Geoscience Research Grants are to support student research in any area of the Geosciences, including geology, meteorology, oceanography and earth science education. The Pestrong fund supports grants of up to $400 for undergraduates and $800 for graduates, and was created by the generous donations of Professor Ray Pestrong.
  2. Dawdy Hydrology Research Grants are to support student research in any aspect of the hydrologic sciences, including all the disciplines encompassed by the Hydrology Section of the American Geophysical Union. The Dawdy fund supports grants of up to $400 for undergraduates and $800 for graduates, and was created by the generous donations of Doris and David Dawdy.
  3. Community Service Grants are to support student involvement in community service activities, particularly where students are contributing their skills and expertise in earth science to help solve environmental and social justice problems. Community service grants are supported by both the Pestrong and Dawdy funds.
  4. Carole Garcia Student Research Grants are to support student scholars in the areas of Environmental or Geographical research. This Fund supports undergraduate research up to $1000 and graduate research up to $2000, and was created by the generous donations of Carole Garcia.
  5. The Vance Award: The Jean Vance Award provides up to $500 of funding available to graduate students in the areas of Environmental or Geographical research. to help manage the costs of research and travel. Apply at SF State Academic Works:

Eligibility for student research grants:  All students in the School of the Environment may apply and successful applicants will be matched with one of the grants listed above, as funds allow. All applicants must have a School of the Environment faculty member as research advisor or sponsor, so please talk about opportunities with the faculty.

Award Uses:

Students may use awards only to cover costs associated with completing their research or community service projects.  Examples of appropriate uses for the awards include: purchasing field or laboratory supplies such as maps and imagery, sample bags, chemicals or recording equipment; field work expenses including transportation, subsistence, permits and insurance; professional laboratory analyses; travel and registration costs associated with participation in conferences; printing expenses to reproduce written reports, or page charges for publishing papers in journals; specialized computer software, etc. 

  • COAST Council on Ocean Affairs Science & Technology
  • WRPI Water Resources & Policy Initiatives