MA/MS Theses and Research Projects

MA/MS Theses and Research Projects
Name Title Year Committee
Dorothy Dick Abundance and Spatial Habitat Analysis of Bottlenose Dolphins at Turneffe Atoll, Belize Ellen Hines, Barbara Holzman
Paula White Evaluating Impacts of Polystyrene Bans: Trash-Impaired Watersheds in the East Bay Jerry Davis, Nancy Wilkinson
Andrea Sproul Evaluating Small Dam Removal Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
Sally Shatford Examining areas of income-based segregation and affordable housing locations, San Francisco XiaoHang Liu, Qian Guo
Joseph Calbreath 500 Millibar Flow Patterns and Significant Snowfall over Southwestern Oregon Steven Pease, John Westfall
Geordie Armstrong A case study of women and public space in Goleta, California Nancy Wilkinson, Jason Mark Henderson
Edward Miller A Case Study of Work Trip and Residential Location: The San Francisco EPA Office Roger Crawford, Max Kirkeberg
Josh Schnabel A Comparison of Methods for Assessing Hazardous Air Pollutant Risk in Communities Jerry Davis, Andrew Oliphant
Rann Schultz A Computer- Generated Atlas of Vicksburg National Cemetery, Mississippi Hans Meihoefer, John Westfall
Allan Frazier A Convenience Oriented Branch Bank Locations Model  Roger Crawford, John Westfall
Michael Work A Correlation Analysis of Los Angeles' Ambient Air Quality Data and Wet Deposition Acidity Steven Pease, Richard Hough
Jasleen Pannu A Critical Analysis of Environmental Activism in West Contra Costa County Nancy Wilkinson, Leora Nanus
David Collins A Day's Journey: Porters, Roads, and Towns in Prehispanic Mesoamerica Jeffrey Bury, Jerry Davis
Sharyn Ehlers A Discussion of Various Biogeographical Aspects of the Quaternary in Nebraska Hans Meihoefer, Rene Barendregt, , Burton Gordon
Kelly Costa A Geographic Analysis of Socially Responsible Businesses in the United States Roger Crawford, Hans Meihoefer
Susan Strachan A Geographic Analysis of Three Steam Restoration Sites in the Tahoe Basin Roger Crawford, Nancy Wilkinson
William Keene A geographic analysis of trail use conflicts associated with bicycling in Marin County, California Roger Crawford, Hans Meihoefer
Alan Furbush A Geographic Study of The Tuolumne Table Mountains Astvaldur Eydal, Robert Picker, Kenneth Miller
Thomas Filcich A Geographical Study of the Development and Distribution of the Dairy Industry in Croatia Yugoslavia Hans Meihoefer, Burton Gordon, , Georg Treichel
Samanthe Kadar A Geography of Garden Landscapes in Central Sonoma County, California Barbara Holzman, Patricia Foschi
Gerard Chalmers A Geography of Residential Heating Oil Tanks for Northeastern San Francisco, Ca  Max Kirkeberg, John Westfall
Warren Cook A Geography of San Francisco Bay Area Crafts and Fairs Nancy Wilkinson, Roger Crawford
Glenn Minuth A Geomorphic Analysis of Mound Microrelief on the Mehrten Formation near Sacramento in Placer County, California Hans Meihoefer, Rene Barendregt
Mary Travis A Historical and Environmental Geographic Analysis of Lake Merritt, Oakland, California Roger Crawford, Nancy Wilkinson
Harold M. Elliott A Historical Atlas of The Domestic Trunk Airlines of The United States John Westfall, Richard Hough, Georg Treichel
Brandon Jebens A Historical Geography of Disturbances Within the Redwood Creek Watershed, Marin County, California Nancy Wilkinson, Hans Meihoefer
Adrian Sears A karst hydrochemical study of the Marble Mountain of northwestern California Jerry Davis, Nancy Wilkinson
Karen Beck A Land Use Analysis of San Francisco Bay Wetlands in Marin County, California Nancy Wilkinson, Roger Crawford
Deborah Wolfe A locational analysis of foreign government representatives in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1925-1985 Jean Vance, Richard Hough
Edward Onn A Method of Low Altitude, Large Scale Aerial Photography for Use in Geographic Research Hans Meihoefer, Burton Gordon
Lacy Spake A Micro-Regional Geography Case Study of Topical Highland Development: Gusii District, Kenya, East Africa Richard Hough, Robert Picker, Don Gibbons
Cheryl Schudel A Phytogeographical Study of Buckeye Canyon: San Bruno Mountain Hans Meihoefer, Burton Gordon
Kang Xiong A Remote Sensing Analysis of Pitch Canker in Bishop Pines at Point Reyes National Seashore Leonhard Blesius, Sara Baguskas, Jerry Davis
Sheryl Bergman A Review of Available Evidence Supporting the Concept of a Mesopotamian Location for the Garden of Eden
Paris Good-Swan A Spatial Analysis of Pitch Canker in Point Reyes National Seashore Barbara Holzman, Leonhard Blesius
Janet Stang A Study of Lake Names in Northwestern California Burton Gordon, Walter Hacker
Mary Ivanoff A Study of Recycling in the California Army National Guard Nancy Wilkinson, Hans Meihoefer
Marshall McLennan A Study of Selected Crop Distributions in the Phillippines Astvaldur Eydal, John Leighly, Richard Hough
Jonathan Lawton A Survey and Evaluation of Land Use Classification and Mapping Systems Roger Crawford, Steven Pease
Robert Bathrick A Water Balance Approach for Analyzing Irrigation Water Delivery Anomalies Jerry Davis, Hans Meihoefer
Alan Kwok After the Fire: Disaster Perception and Preparedness of Older Adults Courtney Donovan, Nancy Wilkinson
Jeremy Bailey Agglomeration benefits of light rail transit stations and TOD planning in Los Angeles County Qian Guo, XiaoHang Liu, Nancy Wilkinson
Kevin Jackson AIDS Induced Landscape Change: The Castro from 1980-2001 Nancy Wilkinson, Max Kirkeberg
Laurie Andrus Airport Ground Access in Boston, Minneapolis, Denver and San Francisco John Westfall, Nancy Wilkinson
William Rickard An Analysis of Factors Influencing The Employment Structure of Retail Trade in Independent Cities of The United States, 1950-1960 Robert Picker, Astvaldur Eydal
Byung-Woo Lim An Analysis of The Geographic Residential Patterns of San Francisco State College Faculty and Staff Roger Crawford, Richard Hough
Marilyn Smulyan An Assessment of Step-pool Urban Stream Restoration: San Pedro Creek, Pacifica, California. Jerry Davis, Andrew Oliphant
Anne Atkinson An Environmental History of Maunalua Bay and its Watershed Barbara Holzman, Nancy Wilkinson
Aaron Dillon An Environmental History of the Bay Area Nursery Industry since 1940 Nancy Wilkinson, Qian Guo
Michael Webster An Examination of Gentrification and Urban Change in San Francisco's Dogpatch Qian Guo, Jason Mark Henderson, Jasper Rubin
Charlotte Hummer An Examination of San Francisco State University Students' Perceptions of Potable Reuse Nancy Wilkinson, Leora Nanus
Peter Morse An Examination of the Mountain Bicycle Phenomenon and its Impact on the Recreational Environment Roger Crawford, Hans Meihoefer
Sam Stein An Examination of Water Quality in the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project Leora Nanus, Nancy Wilkinson
Philip Klasky An extreme and solemn relationship. Native American perspectives: Ward Valley Nuclear Dump Barbara Holzman, Max Kirkeberg
Phillip Wallick An Historical Geography of The Salinas Valley Burton Gordon, Astvaldur Eydal
Mary Israel An Index of Threat: Mapping Climate Change in High Sierra Nevada Communities. Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius, Gretchen LeBuhn
Allison Barnes An Object-Oriented Classification of Impact Craters Using Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Data Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Jose Camarena An Object-Oriented Classification of Muir Woods using the Synergy of LiDAR and Multispectral Data Leonhard Blesius, XiaoHang Liu, Ellen Hines
Josh von Nonn An open-source workflow for scaling burn severity metrics from drone to satellite Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Tim Reed Analyzing Seawifs Using GIS: Phytoplankton Blooms in the Bering Sea Jerry Davis, Patricia Foschi
Jill Miller Animal Geography and Wildlife Interpretation of Urban Bats Nancy Wilkinson, Jennifer Blecha
Leigh Etheridge Animal, Vegetable, Marin: The Motivations of Organic Agriculturalists in Marin County, California Nancy Wilkinson, Hans Meihoefer
James Liner Application of an analog model to financial institutions Roger Crawford, Jean Vance, John Huttman, Ron Beall
Sean Thomas Application of UAS methods for Wetland Analysis Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Peter Dartnell Applying remote sensing techniques to map seafloor geology/habitat relationships. Jerry Davis, John Westfall
Biniam Mengisteab Artisinal gold mining activities and forest loss in upper Mazaruni Territory, Guyana, between 1986 and 2013 Leonhard Blesius, XiaoHang Liu, Logan Hennessy
Danielle Mazzella Assessing low-income women's access to housing and health care in San Francisco XiaoHang Liu, Tendai Chitewere
Shamim Mousavi Assessing Meadow Carbon Cycling Using Digital Repeat Photography and Eddy Covariance Techniques Andrew Oliphant, Sara Baguskas
Marina Bozinovic Assessing noise exposure to beaked and sperm whales in the California Current Ellen Hines, Sara Baguskas, Anne Simonis (Biology)
Jessica Miller Assessing Risk Perception: Mid-Ohio Valley Pollution Nancy Wilkinson, Qian Guo
Kerstin Kalchmayr Assessing spatio-temporal changes of invasive Limonium ramosissimum in San Francisco Bay wetlands Barbara Holzman, Ellen Hines, Katharyn Boyer
Miguel Fernandez Assessing the Effects of Locality Precision in Predictive Species of Distribution Models Barbara Holzman, Jerry Davis, Jason Mark Henderson
Guillermo Duran Assessing the Habitat Fragmentation of Socioeconomically Important Tree Species in Costa Rica Barbara Holzman, Jerry Davis, Healy Hamilton
Julian LoGiudici Assessment of Alpine Lakes Exceeding Critical Loads of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition in the Greater Yellowstone Area Leora Nanus, Jerry Davis
Jenny McIlvaine Balancing Ecological Restoration, Cultural Resource Preservation, and Recreation at San Francisco's Crissy Field Nancy Wilkinson, Jason Mark Henderson
Gerald Dow Bay Fill in San Francisco: A History of Change Jean Vance, Burton Gordon
Suzanne Maher Bio-micrometeorology of a Sierra Nevada montane meadow Andrew Oliphant, Jerry Davis
Robert Evans Biogeographic model of habitat indicators for the presence ofHesperolinon drymariodes Barbara Holzman, Jerry Davis, Niall McCarten
David Anderson Biogeography and Application of its Principles to the Examination of Biotic Patterns of Rodeo Lagoon Roger Crawford, Hans Meihoefer
Alex Roa Boots and Birkenstocks: Landowner attitudes about conservation easements in San Mateo County Nancy Wilkinson, Jennifer Blecha
Matt Merrifield Building Regional Threat Based Networks for Estuaries in the Western United States Ellen Hines, XiaoHang Liu, Beck
Beverley Evans Burlingame: Evolution of a Suburban Landscape Burton Gordon, Astvaldur Eydal
Jarrad Fisher Butano Creek Floodplain Restoration Geomorphic Response Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius
Maret Bartlett California Highway 89 Wildlife Crossing Structures: Planning, Construction, and Effectiveness Nancy Wilkinson, Jerry Davis
Jennifer Krebs California's Role in the Changing Geography of Book Publishing in The United States Jean Vance, Richard Hough
Joseph Steinberger Carrying Capacity: An Analysis of Case Studies Focusing on Hydrologic Issues Michael Tripp
Mitchell Wilks Cartographic Communication for a Search and Rescue Map Jerry Davis, Leonhard Blesius, John Isom
Yuki Kawaguchi Cartographic techniques in Environmental Assessments: The Use of Cartography as an aid in the Assessment of Alignments for the North Bay Aqueduct EIR/EIS  John Westfall, Richard Hough
Susan Cutter Cartography In Advertising Hans Meihoefer, John Westfall
Ken Ahern Central Arizona Project: Water Policy Changes and Implications Nancy Wilkinson, Roger Crawford
Douglas Basinger Changes in the Distribution and Membership Characteristics of Mennonite Congregations in the Western United States, 1950 and 1990  Hans Meihoefer, Nancy Wilkinson, Richard Hough
Sean Woods Changing Perceptions of an Urban Waterway: The Los Angeles River Nancy Wilkinson
William Selby Characteristics and Impacts of Summer Thunderstorm Cloudbursts in the White Mountains, California and Nevada Steven Pease, Rene Barendregt
Linda Jo Morton Citizen Participation in Environmental Planning: A Case Study of Oakland Measure DD Nancy Wilkinson, Ellen Hines, Jasper Rubin
Melissa Kent Citizen Science's Role in Filling Data Gaps: Whale Watching Operators of Northern California Ellen Hines, Jennifer Blecha, Monica DeAngelis
David Kamil City on the Brink: An Atlas of San Francisco, 1940-1950 Max Kirkeberg, Hans Meihoefer
Theodore Cook City Planning Theory Walter Olson, Robert Picker
Jamie Hawk Classification, Vegetation-Environment Relationships, and Distribution of Plant Communities on Southeast Farallon Island, California Barbara Holzman, Ellen Hines, Jaime Jahncke
Austen Lorenz Classifying Meadow Hydrogeomorphic Types with LiDAR and Multispectral Imagery using OBIA Leonhard Blesius, Jerry Davis
Stephanie Auer Climate Change Exposure Across The Mountain Goat Range: Metrics for Vulnerability Assessment Barbara Holzman, Ellen Hines