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Tiffany Vance

Adjunct Faculty
Geographic information systems (GIS), fisheries oceanography, history of science, scientific visualization, application of GIS to historiography

Ph.D., Oregon State University, 2007


Geographic Areas: Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, Arctic.

Tiffany C. Vance's research addresses the application of multidimensional GIS to both scientific and historical research, with an emphasis is on the use and diffusion of techniques for representing three- and four-dimensional data. Ongoing projects include developing techniques to define and describe essential pelagic habitat, developing histories of environmental variables affecting larval pollock recruitment and survival in Shelikof Strait, Alaska, and the use of GIS and visualizations in the history of recent arctic science. Her dissertation was on the history and development of the Stommel Diagram, a representation of the spatial and temporal aspects of oceanic phenomena, and how similar techniques might be applied to current uses of GIS in fisheries.