Minors & Certificates


Minor in Earth Sciences

The Minor in Earth Sciences program provides students with an overview of the important Earth system processes through the Earth Systems courses (ERTH 400 & ERTH 500) and gives them an opportunity to add depth to their understanding by selecting 9 additional units of Earth Sciences electives with the guidance of a faculty advisor. This is an excellent option for students hoping to add some Earth and climate science understanding to their major degree.

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Minor in Geography

The Geography Minor consists of a core curriculum of three lower division courses plus 12 units of upper division geography electives on advisement. These courses may be organized around coherent themes such as those described for the major. However, groupings of courses specifically appropriate to majors in other departments or programs such as International Relations, Geosciences, or Urban Studies are particularly recommended.

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Certificate in Climate Change Causes, Impacts, and Solutions

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Certificate in Weather Study

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Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

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