B.S. in Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies students illuminating a light bulb in the class room. Credit: Dr. Ernita Joaquin

Image Source: Dr. Ernita Joaquin

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Natural Resource Management and Conservation provides students with the theoretical and applied knowledge and skills in ecology, conservation biology, and natural resources they need to address natural resource management and conservation issues.

Environmental Studies emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to understanding relationships between humans and the physical world and centers social justice. Students learn what individuals and organizations are doing and can do to protect the environment for themselves, future generations and other living beings and ecosystems. Students participate in an internship and take a senior seminar, gaining experience in community engagement and preparing for future environmental careers.

Students pursuing the B.S. in Environmental Studies deepen their understanding of ecology, conservation biology, statistics, and natural resource management and gain a solid background in both quantitative and qualitative problem-solving techniques. Students choose additional coursework in ecology, biodiversity studies, applied methods and management of specific resources.

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