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John Monteverdi

Professor Emeritus
Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, severe weather, weather analysis and forecasting, coastal zone meteorology


B.A. Geology - University of California, Berkeley (1968)
M.A. Geography/Climatology - University of California, Berkeley (1970)
Ph.D Geography/Climatology - University of California, Berkeley (1979)

Research and/or Teaching Area

I entered the ranks of the retired faculty in June 2020, now holding the title of Emeritus Professor of Meteorology.

I have been interested in unusual storms since my childhood, particularly after the disastrous storms of 1955 caused so much flooding in California. Although severe and unusual storms in California remained an interest of mine that blossomed into an area of research, my specific research thrust lies in the area of tornadic thunderstorms, particularly tornadic supercells.  The major thrust of my research in this area was to show that supercell tornadic thunderstorms can and do occur in California and to bring forecasting techniques on such storms to the National Weather Service Forecast Offices in this part of California. My refereed (20) publications and conference publications (15)  have included co-authors with the National Severe Storms Lab, the Storms Prediction Center, the National Weather Service and with undergraduate and graduate students at San Francisco State University.

In 2015, I set up the John A. and Anna Monteverdi Fellowship in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at both San Francisco State and San Jose State Universities.  The $10000 grant is in memory of the love and sacrifice my parents made to support my love of meteorology.

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