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Bridget James

Geoscience Education, Educational Leadership in Higher Education, Structural Geology/Tectonics
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Education: San Francisco State University (Ed.D. – In progress), San José State University (M.S.), University of California, Santa Cruz (B.S.), Foothill College (A.S.)

Bridget's past research involved an investigation of Plio-Pleistocene deformation at Alvord Mountain within the Mojave Block of Southeastern California. This was done to assist in a better understanding of fault mechanics relating to the San Andreas fault and plate boundary. She has also worked as a staff geologist with Geomatrix Consultants, as a structural geologist and GIS specialist with the United States Geological Survey, as a groundwater and GIS specialist for the Santa Clara Valley Water District, and as a research associate within the Astrobiology division of NASA Ames.

Bridget currently works as a “Northern California Change Agent” within the SAGE 2YC project, a National Science Foundation funded project that is focused on implementing high-impact evidence-based instructional and co-curricular practices that support the academic success of all students and promote professional pathways into the geosciences.  Here is a website that shows her most current activities as a part of this project:  She is also a Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company author and co-author in the “Discover Planet Earth” series of undergraduate textbooks.

Selected Publications

Courses Taught

  • Our Dynamic Earth
  • The Violent Earth
  • Our Dynamic Ocean
  • Our Dynamic Weather
  • Extreme Weather in a Warming World