Barbara Holzman holding a piranha profile picture

Barbara Holzman

Professor Emerita
Biogeography, resource management, environmental studies, vegetation change, disturbance recovery

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1993


Geographic Areas: San Francisco, California, US and Pacific.

Barbara Holzman's research addresses issues of disturbance and human and floral and faunal interactions. Her emphasis is on understanding how plant species and communities react to natural and human caused disturbances such as fire, mining, or urban development. She is currently involved in projects for the California Department of Fish and Game examining Ione Manzanita populations and distribution, with the National Parks Service documenting the effects of the 1995 Mt. Vision Fire on the Bishop Pine community, and working with the city of San Francisco on their Significant Natural Areas Management Pln. She is also interested in environmental and geographic education.