Bicycle Geographies

Bicycle Geographies Class
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Geog 437
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Bicycle Geographies topics include planning for bicycling in cities, bicycle culture, bicycle politics, and local, national, and global bicycling trends. There are numerous bicycle field trips in and around San Francisco.  The class will also partner with SF State's Transportation Committee to survey bicycling trends at SF State and assist in the annual "bike to campus" event in May.
The course is part of CSU’s “Campus as Living Lab Program.” It is designed to help campus planners and policy makers understand and remove obstacles to bicycling, including physical, psychological, and cultural. The course is designed to address two overarching questions:
1.  Why do so few students, faculty, and staff bicycle to SF State’s Campus?
2.  How can SF State increase the mode share of bicycling from 4 percent to 10-20 percent (this is a mode split comparable to the City of San Francisco goals)?